Our Story

Some numbers

Audience in +40 countries

Our official website is being visited from over 40 countries.

Groundbreaking security

24/7/365 monitoring, 256 Bit encryption and a professional website security provider. That's Ghost Recordz.

Over 10 websites and subdomains

We manage over 10 websites and subdomains ranging from a public cloud, live server statusses and much more.


Ghost Recordz International Uninc. is an Independent record label with a non-profit vision founded by Lucas G. (also known as Q-Lucas). Senne F. (or better know as Mystic Balance) is co-founder and operator as listed in the unincorporated statute of our record label.


Our record label specializes in releasing music, concluding collaborations and organizing international events. Over the years, Ghost Recordz has grown strongly internationally, with nowadays website visitors from more than 40 countries.

In 2020 during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Ghost Recordz collaborated with Belgian hospital AZ Rivierenland to release 'For The Nurses' created by DJ VIBE, Lise and Q-Lucas. For this initiative, Ghost Recordz donated over 140 euros to the hospital to support the health care staff. 

Nevertheless, the record was played by Radio 2 (the national radio in Belgium) and has over 12.000 streams on Spotify.

Some other well known collaborations are our affiliate collaboration with Epic Games (which ended in 2021 and begun in 2019), our participation in the large demo-drop platform VIRPP and the collaboration with SuperJump (largest trampoline park in Belgium) concerning the performance of Mystic Balance X Q-Lucas.


Since the foundation of our record label in October 2019, Q-Lucas has been part of the game. In December 2019, Senne or known as Mystic Balance signed his contract followed by a release of his most known song 'Spirit' which has over 5.500 streams on Spotify.

Not long after Mystic's contract, Victor or better known as DJ VIBE got our interest and also signed his contract with Ghost Recordz International. Victor cancelled his artist contract with Ghost Recordz after about a year, nevertheless he continued with releasing numerous songs on Ghost Recordz with Q-Lucas and the like.

Shortly after Victor's participation, Leni N. ( at the moment not officially an artist with Ghost Recordz) and Dylan H. signed their contract with our record label. They formed the first non-DJs: G&S Music.

Finally, in 2021 Thomas V.D and Tiebe V. (known by their alias 'THOVADO /\ MOONLIGHTER') signed with Ghost Recordz International to officially introduce a new genre within the record label: Hiphop