Welcome to Ghost Recordz International's FAQ page,
where you'll discover a comprehensive list of commonly asked questions along with their respective answers.

Ghost Recordz International partners with the well-known LabelRadar to receive and process demos. So we definitely recommend submitting your demo via LabelRadar, as you can be sure that we will listen to your demo. You can submit your demo using LabelRadar via https://www.labelradar.com/labels/ghostrecordz/portal.
It is also possible to send your demo to support@ghostrecordz.eu. Please keep in mind that we are only able to open the following types of links: YouTube, SoundCloud, Mixcloud. Due to security reasons, we cannot open file attachments or files that are linked to cloud storages.

Ghost Recordz International and its A&R team try very hard to respond to all demos at all times. Unfortunately, we cannot 100 per cent guarantee this, as we receive a huge number of demos on a regular basis.
However, you can count on expecting a response to your demo on average within a week if you submit it via LabelRadar. If you have sent your demo to support@ghostrecordz.eu, one of our agents will pick it up and try to respond within 5 working days.